Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Steve Glochowsky: Nigerian queen

Here we go again.

The nigerian queen is in chicago.

Yes back in chicago but she’s not with him lmao.

Also not speaking to him in his own group.

Hopefully she was smart enough to change her phone number.

The rat will allow her to post in his groups anyway.

She’s using his group to try and meet men after rejecting him.

The rat of course see’s it as a chance for him regardless.

Begging for a sniff.

Steve Glochowsky: Dead Nigga Storage

Good riddence and good bye.

Lazy and worthless and never did jack shit for bwwm groups.

The dude was such a great friend to the rat he removed him from his FB page and quit the groups.

David Douchebag even went into hiding once when the rat came to STL to visit him.

He refused to answer his phone or his door, great friend.

Famous for whining and complaining and posting fake poems he never wrote but took credit for them.

One less parasite sucking off the tax payers as I always say.

Fuck David Patterson and Fuck Steve the rat.

Suck cocks in hell losers.